About Us

Windfords was setup with a simple aim: to sell a different range of interesting products, made by artisan and smaller manufacturers catering to the trendy health-conscious crowd. Many of our items are not widely available on the high street except in health stores.


Our goal is to be straight-forward, simple and this process has enabled us over the years to settle our focus on brands that are unique, healthy, and made sustainably.


Although founded in 2021, through the rich background experience of its founders, going back 25 years, many great relationships were built and fostered, allowing us to drive ourselves to greater heights. Aside from the retail brand, Windfords also has relationships in the B2B as well as export, allowing many of its products to be sold on a wholesale basis and distributed worldwide.


Windfords chooses to work with brands that are B-Corp certified, whose focus is on plant-based, organic and soil certified food and drinks; they contribute to our greater health and wellbeing. Many brands already have a strong gluten-free range, and that is where Windfords comes in. We provide a retail front for these brands, where you can find many of these under one store.


We will continue working to improve ourselves, being flexible in our approach, allowing us to move in many directions that suit yourselves and ourselves.


If you have an item that you like and it is not listed on our website, simply send us an email, or give us a ring and we will see what we can achieve together. Our principles are built on inclusiveness and our range is growing daily so please keep in touch via our newsletters to learn more about Windfords’ ever-growing portfolio.