Community Goals

Community Goals

We were setup with our health and wellbeing in mind as our primary concern in today’s world. Our range of products come from producers whose focus is on giving back to the community. Therefore, Windfords has chosen to donate a small percentage from each sale towards organisations who work together to improve our environment so that we can gradually move to a more sustainable world.


Our core values always centre on reuse and recycle, with a view to reuse again! We are working hard to ban plastics in our online store, and we are also working hard with our logistics partners to provide a friendlier format of eco packaging that can be reused multiple times and does not harm the environment in any way.


Due to the problems faced by society when plastics come into conversation, Windfords has chosen to partner with The Ocean Cleanup.


The Ocean Cleanup works tirelessly to protect and conserve the world’s ocean. Their goals are to tackle overfishing, thereby saving marine habitat for future generations to savour. They also help to clear out polluted waters. 


Marine life is threatened by pollution and this is where plastics can cause lifelong damage to fish and their natural habitat. With your help, our efforts – no matter how small – can help reduce plastic of our beaches and allow our marine friends to live in a healthier environment.


You can learn more about the work carried out by The Ocean Cleanup by visiting their website at:


Our aim is to be an inclusive company, to be able to work with as many partners as possible, thereby growing our relationships that move us into higher tiers of a healthier world. Our thinking is that even one minor effort can often contribute to a large effort.


If you have an environment issue, or company that you would like to see supported, please head to our Contact Us page, and send us an email with your details and we will get back to you as soon as we can.