FIX8 Citrus & Saffron Kombucha

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Filtered Water
Black Tea
Green Tea
Kombucha Cultures
Cane Sugar
Tangerine Oil
Cardamom Extract
Orange Blossom Extract


Low in sugar

Kashmiri Saffron

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Fix8 is a sophisticated soft drink with a natural buzz. A lightly sparkling, deliciously tart and refreshing fermented tea. Drink it any time of day as a refreshing tonic or enjoy with your favourite spirit as a cocktail mixer. Some say it’s positively obsessive

Choose the Fix8 Citrus Saffron with cold-pressed citrus oils, cardamom and whole Kashmiri saffron for a bright and sophisticated kombucha lift. Using botanicals inspired by gin, and saffron known as a mood-enhancer, this flavour is a great alternative to alcohol or healthful spirit mixer.
Drink to uplift, refresh and rebalance.

We craft Fix8 in small batches in the traditional way at our London microbrewery for unrivalled flavour. Our kombucha is naturally low in sugar and contains a living dose of bacteria for the gut, B vitamins for the nervous system and L-theanine which contributes to a healthy brain function

Vegan-friendly, low in sugar, gluten-free.

Fix8, kombucha for the buzz seekers.

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