Gallybird Premium Tonic Water Fridge Pack (6 Cans) (150ml)

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Tonic Water

Premium Tonic Water

Traditional tonic

No Sugar, Calories, Carbs

Vegans & Vegetarians

Calorie & Sugar-free

Suitable for diabetics

Natural ingredients

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  • A refreshingly different tonic water loved by those that do no t like the harsh bitterness of quinine and classic tonic waters. Our Botanical Blend of Premium Tonic Water is SUBTLE and LIGHT with delicate citrus tones and only the slightest HINT OF BITTERNESS.
  • It is almost a HYBRID between a TONIC and LEMONADE and is loved for its versatility as well as it’s sugar, calorie, carb and artificial sweetener free credentials.
  • It’s great flying solo on ice as a sophisticated option when you are not drinking or as a mixer with vodka, flavoured gins or as a spritzer with rose.
  • It has been carefully balanced and designed to be subtle, refreshing and light in flavour allowing the delicate tones of your selected spirit, or non-alcoholic alternative to shine through rather than overpowered by a traditional tonic.
  • Certified by the Vegetarian Society as suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians, Certified by Sugarwise as Calorie & Sugar-free. Suitable for diabetics and those following a keto, calorie-controlled, sugar-free, plant-based diet or those that enjoy a tipple looking for a healthy alternative mixer

Gallybird is sweetened purely with stevia leaf extract, an ancient calorie-free ‘sweet herb’ that has been used for centuries in South America and Japan as a natural alternative to sugar. Stevia is loved for its medicinal qualities, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well as the fact that it does not have any effect on blood sugar levels when consumed. It has a glycemic index and glycemic load of zero. Stevia is Gallybird’s hero and when expertly blended with natural quinine and the highest quality natural ingredients creates our unique, guilt-free premium tonic waters. How refreshing. Light as a feather. Free as a bird No Sugar, Calories, Carbs, allergens or artificial nasties. Drink to your good health.

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Botanical Blend, Indian Blend

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