Heyday Yerba Maté Soda (250ml)

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Soda (250ml)

Suitable for vegans.

Maté Soda
100mg of natural caffeine
Yerba Maté plant
Carbonated water
Natural cane sugar

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Heyday Yerba Maté is a lightly sparkling soda brewed from the South American, caffeine-rich maté plant. Maté is a tea-like drink that’s brewed from the dried leaves of the Yerba Maté plant, and is super popular in South America, owing to the fact that maté is naturally bursting with heaps of antioxidants and caffeine.

Heyday Yerba Maté is kinda similar to an iced tea, but less sweet, with more complexity, a subtle smokiness and a gentle fizz. Notes of green tea, stone fruit and a slight dryness. Each can contains 100mg of natural caffeine, that’s roughly the same as one cup of coffee

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