Kayu Cacao Fruit Plant based Energy Drink (250ml)

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Cacao Fruit (Plant-based Energy Drink)

Kayu Fruit

Cold Brewed Yerba Mate Te

Lemon and Vitamin B2.

Cacao Fruit

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Bringing to the UK the 1st plant based energy drink made with Cacao Fruit Pulp!.

Four natural ingredients: Kayu Fruit, Cold Brewed Yerba Mate Tea, Lemon and Vitamin B2.

Discover the 1st cacao fruit plant-based energy drink that is good for you and the environment.
Check out ‘Kayu Fruit Plant Based Energy’ on Indiegogo.
Kayu Fruit’s best discovery – Cacao Fruit This plant based energy drink contains Cacao Fruit.

Funny enough, the nutritious benefits of the sweet cacao pulp has always been known by farmers. They guzzle on the beans for the pulp and spit out the bitter beans, as a fresh source of energy that keeps them fit during the day.
The pulp looks like a white lychee-type of flesh around the cacao beans. It goes to waste in normal cacao production because everyone is only after the beans, the main ingredient for chocolate!

A slow boost of positive energy

With Pacha we want to celebrate this ancient farmer tradition of using the pulp and make it into a fresh, fruity cacao juice. Rather than letting it go to waste, we turn the pulp into an extra source of income for cacao famers and give you a slow boost of positive energy!

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