Mangajo Flavoured Iced Tea Drink (250ml)

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Brilliant Brews

Vegan Plant Power

All Natural Ingredients

Iced Tea Drink

Mangajo Flavoured

Lemon and Green Tea

Goji-Nerry and Green Tea

Acai-Berry and Green Tea

Pomegranate and Green Tea

Red Grape and Green Tea


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They may be tiny, but they have a Big job to do! Antioxidants, which give Mangajo Iced Teas their superpowers, are nature’s heroes. They zoom around the body zapping free radicals caused by stress, pollution, smoking, alcohol and sunlight. Free radicals have been shown to cause all kinds of trouble in the body so a daily dose of antioxidants will keep you firing on all cylinders.

Brilliant Brews

Vegan Plant Power

All Natural Ingredients

  • Asian societies have long believed in the healing properties of green tea, and these days it’s everyone’s favourite anti-oxidant
  • With a tiny kick of natural caffeine, green tea also sharpens your mind
  • Our chilled version has a twist of lemon, and contains no sugar or artificial ingredients
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Acai Berry & Green Tea, Goji Berry & Green Tea, Lemon & Green Tea, Pomegranate & Green Tea, Red Grape & Rooibos

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