Sea Chips Handcrafted Salmon Skin Crisps

£1.35 inc. VAT

62% protein

Gluten free,

High protein,

Low carbohydrate.

Suitable for Ketogenic & Paleo diets.

Salmon skin(fish)

Lightly Salted Salmon Skin Crisps
Salt & Vinegar Salmon Skin Crisps
Lime & Chilli
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Sea Chips are the UK’s first hancrafted salmon skin crisps using the often wasted nutrient packed skin.

Sea Chips have created a range of tasty flavours, and donate 10% to ocean charities to help keep the sea clean.

This Lime & Chilli flavour has a sharp, citrusy savoury salmon skin crisp with a kick of specially blended chilli mix – don’t worry though, it’s not too spicy!

Salmon skin(fish)  sea salt, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, crushed chillies, cayenne pepper, cumin, tomato powder, jalapeno powder, chilli powder, oregano, lime oil

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Lightly Salted, Lime and Chilli, Salt & Vinegar

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